You Bend 'em, we Mend 'em

You bend 'em - we mend 'em!

Running as many Peg Perego Gaucho Jeeps as we do in war zones such as childrens parties, you can't help but get to know every square millimetre of the vehicles, as naturally all their weak points are quickly exposed. We always keep a stock of most parts, and if we haven't got the part, can usually source it quickly.

So if your Peg Perego Gaucho, Gaucho Grande, Gator or Polaris is poorly, get in touch and we can restore it back to its former glory.

We can also give your vehicle a complete overhaul, to make it even better than new, where all the moving parts are taken apart, inspected, worn parts replaced and the whole lot reassembled, ensuring all moving parts are lubricated with special lubricants that make sure the cars will keep running more efficiently and for longer. All switch gear will be replaced, and certain areas of the wiring uprated.

We also offer a customisation package where we can take your Jeep and increase the power to 18 volt, which gives them an amazing get up and go, doubling the excitement from an ordinary Gaucho. We will also add a 'Gaucho Extreme' badge to set it apart from the normal cars.

If you have one of the older Gauchos, (a Gaucho Sport, or a Hi-torque) with the 'power-cube' battery, we can strip out the whole wiring loom and replace it with a newer style, that enables much longer playtime, as only a single 12v battery is required rather than two 6v batteries. If you didnt put the new loom in and put a 12v battery in, the vehicle would lose the slower and safer speed, being able to only go at high speed - backwards or forwards, which is clearly not a responsibly safe option.

We can also uprate your battery, so that playtime is increased - on a flat surface like smooth tarmac we can get 6 hours driving out of one charge ! Or we can fit a spare, so that if on a long expedition the main battery runs flat, they can flick the switch over to the reserve battery so that they can return safely, without having to push!

If you want to be ultra cautious, we can fit a parental control system that enables the power to be shut off by a remote control to prevent the inevitable accident...

So, whatever the problem, talk to us - we're bound to have come across it before. And if we haven't we do love a challenge! Equally, if theres a modification that you want doing, let us know and we can discuss options. We're still waiting for someone to ask us to prepare for the Paris Dakar Rally, or a Trans Sahara expedition...


  • Voted Best UK Childrens Party Entertainers
  • we come to your venue
  • boys and girls 4-8 years old
  • Variable speed Jeeps with remote control
  • 4 different party sizes from 10 to 50+ kids

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for yesterday. Rio and all his friends had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I would have to agree with your website that it is the best party ever and I would recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again