We do what we do to make your childs day the best day...

The less exciting bits, but important nonetheless...


Safety is essential, and as such we endeavour to make sure that every child is kept safe by simple rules that must be obeyed...

At the beginning of the party, we conduct a 'drivers briefing' about the rules, and structure of the event, as well as simple instructions on how to use the equipment, such as seat belts and accelerator pedals. The rules should be adhered to at all times, whether the child is a driver, passenger or spectator.

The rules are important so that nobody gets hurt. For example, when the music stops, all Jeeps must stop. That ensures that any drivers or passengers walking to or from the Jeeps do not inadvertantly have their toes run over !

In the unlikely event something does go wrong, we have public liability insurance of up to five million pounds.

In fact, you can actually relax and enjoy the party for once, as we take care of the children whilst on the Jeeps, and when they're off they can entertain themselves with our Giant Connect Four and mini table football. Top


Doing what we do, our Jeeps get around a bit, and have thousands of sticky fingered passengers over the year. So to make sure that its only the Jeeps we bring to the parties and not anything uninvited, we always give the steering wheels and other prominent hand holds a thorough wipe with anti-bacterial wipes after each and every party. Its just one of the invisible ways that Wacky Wheelers are trying to make sure that not only your party goes well, but also the days afterwards! Top


We don't have our own venue, we come to you... Leisure centres, school halls, village halls, gardens - we're not fussy!!!

Anywhere, really, that's big enough to take our track, and that will have a good atmosphere for your child's party. Of course, our colourful track and jeeps will liven up even the most drab and uninspiring sports hall, but you make like to consider hiring our bunting option, where we will string a line of 'chequered bunting' around the edge of the hall. It's simple - but incredibly effective ! Bunting to hire at a Wacky Wheelers Peg Perego Jeep Driving Party

Our 'track' is 15m long by 10m wide (that's just under 50 x 33 feet if you're of an age that desperately misses sweets in jars), but the space will need to be bigger than that to give us some space for our speakers and things, an area for the children to wait and play with the off-track activities. And don't forget an area for them to have their feast after all that driving ! If you want a 'turn up and party' solution, we can provide the catering too !

It may seem obvious, but we also require a 240v socket fairly near the track - within 30 metres.

We would also need plenty of space to park near the entrance, as a: we either bring a very long trailer and/or a big van and b: there's a lot of equipment we have to bring in. We also need a clear entrance of at least a metre wide (3.3 ft), with no tight wiggles!

We are often asked whether we can do it outdoors! The answer is yes, of course. However, the ground needs to be flat and level, and if on grass, it needs to be cut short. Our Jeeps' wheels are very wide, so although they will compress the grass it shouldn't wear it out, and it will be standing back up within a day or so. A word of caution though, if the weather is bad, the use of the equipment may be hampered, disrupting your event, so it's as well to have a backup plan in the form of a covered venue. Top

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Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for yesterday. Rio and all his friends had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I would have to agree with your website that it is the best party ever and I would recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again