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***** Currently we are not offering any franchises, however if you'd like to run a Wacky Wheelers branch please do get in touch *****

If you're looking for an excellent part time business opportunity then you should consider a Wacky Wheelers Franchise.

Our franchise opportunity is very different to most franchise offerings, as its tailored to fit the very different style of business we're in. We were the first to come up with this particular concept, which has been mimicked by others... and our concept is primarily more of a partnership than a standard franchise - meaning your initial investment is much lower.

Secondly, we're much more choosy about who we're partners with than a normal franchise. That's because the quality of our parties is so important to us that we only want to work with people that are fanatical about fun like us, and who can deliver 100% reliability every time. We are very honest about the proposition, and although the whole operation has been streamlined to run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible, come the time of the party it really is very hard and energetic work, coupled with an enormous responsibility to both the parents and children.

What do we mean about a partnership? Will you be your own boss? These are the questions we'd be asking if we were you... so we'll answer them...

Look after the parties, and the pounds will look after themselves...

We realise that its not easy raising money in the current climate, and even if a loan was obtained there would be an overhead of having to pay back the interest, which would mean that you'd be worrying more about that than providing an unbeatable service. We want you to be able to hold the best parties on the planet, because once you've started, your reputation will soon spread, and the money will come more easily. Look after the parties - and the pounds will look after themselves... So to achieve this, we will provide the Jeeps, the Track and blowers, the accompanying toys and games, bunting, flags, PA system complete with music and microphones, tools, track accessories - pretty much everything you'll need.

The only investment you need to make will cover training, batteries and transportation. So intead of having to find nearly £18,000 or even £28,000 plus van like some other kids driving party companies such as the Go-Kart Party Franchise, we only require a fraction of that, and that means that you'll get your money back so much sooner. But why don't we just sell you all the kit in one go? We've noticed the pattern, that people stretch themselves to buy other franchises, spend all their time trying to pay back the borrowings, and as soon as their license period is up (or sooner if they can) they are trying to get out of it and sell up. We've spoken to them, and each time get the impression that they didnt enjoy the experience, which is why we want to do it differently. If it isn't fun - it isn't worth doing. If it isn't fun, it will show when you do the parties, and that's something we want to avoid at all costs.

We won't just give you the kit and let you go though. We have finely tuned our offering - are parties are pretty much run to the second, and they work really really well. We've even redesigned the way our vans are loaded 4 times to maximise efficiency! But its not just about what the kit does, or how you time things, they are really second fiddle to whether the kids have the best time. Of course, having the best time means having a safe time too (otherwise it wouldn't be good!) so we will show you how to spot any incidents before they happen, so that they don't happen. We will teach you how to deal with the children (good and... well... not so good...) and the parents... We will also train you to use the microphone effectively, and basic clowning skills - essentially how to get back to the level of kids, and communicating with them, without losing their respect (without which all order falls apart). We will do everything to help you gain the confidence to have the best kids parties ever.

We will help you with the marketing in a far more in depth way than any other similar franchise. We have developed a marketing technique that works, and has a highly technical foundation. We would carry out the marketing in your area, and would advise and assist with other methods such as PR and advertising. We have developed a unique online booking system which puts us aeons ahead of any other party company, and through this system the customers can book parties and all extras, whilst looking after your calendar at the same time.

For more details, please get in touch. You won't regret it.

Chris Wagstaff

Wacky Wheelers


  • Voted Best UK Childrens Party Entertainers
  • we come to your venue
  • boys and girls 4-8 years old
  • Variable speed Jeeps with remote control
  • 4 different party sizes from 10 to 50+ kids

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for yesterday. Rio and all his friends had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I would have to agree with your website that it is the best party ever and I would recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again